Short Term Orthodontics FAQ

What ways can I straighten my teeth?

Retainers, traditional braces, and invisible braces can be used to straighten teeth. Some treatments are more effective and can work better depending on the situation.

STO or Short Term Orthodontics, What is that?

STO is cosmetically or problem focused orthodontics. This is reserved for our adult population due to the shorter time frame and wants that have arisen resently to straighten teeth without the long time frames. With STO our main goal is straightening the teeth you see upon smiling. Some movements of teeth require more time but the average time it takes to straighten most situations is about 6 months. Orthodontically moving teeth prior to restoring the shape of the individual teeth leads to more pleasing smiles that stay healthy over longer time frames.

Do I have to wear my retainer, and for how long?

The short answer is yes, and forever. Teeth have a tendency to move especially if they have been moved by a form or orthodontic “braces” work. Retainers usually worn at night will help prevent rebound and movement of your teeth into an unfavorable position and alignment.

What is invisalign?

Invisalign is commonly referred to clear or invisible braces. Unlike normal traditional braces, no brackets or wires are required. Clear “aligners” are worn in sequence to sequentially move your teeth from their current position to a new-programmed position. Molds, photos and other records are taken and discussed with you, sent to align technologies and a plan is made with the treatment objectives. The results are discussed with you prior to initiation of treatment and the best thing is you get to see and estimated end goal of how your teeth will look at the end of treatment.

When should I get my wisdom teeth out?

After viewing a panoramic x-ray it can be determined whether or not your “wisdom” teeth need removing or not. Most often individuals do not have room for them and even if they do have room they do not provide any additional help for chewing efficiency. They are mainly four more teeth that are difficult to keep clean and maintain. It is usually recommended to have them taken out between the ages of 16-21 due to the eruption patterns of these teeth.



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