Sedation Dentistry


Your Comfort. Our Focus.

We understand that comfort is a term not typically associated with the dentist. That is why our focus is providing you with a complete comfortable dental experience.

We offer standard dental sedation for all of our patients. Each one of our treatment rooms including our hygiene rooms is equipped with nitrous oxide or relaxing gas. This capability will help keep your experience a relaxed one. If you are particularly fearful of treatment or have a series of procedures performed during one visit, we also offer oral sedation.

Here are the comfort focused treatment options we offer for you:

Oral Sedation

Dental care can and has been a stressful circumstance for many individuals. Some times due to past experiences or just basic phobias dental care can be pretty stressful on our physical and emotional self. Dental treatment can cause fear and anxiety in some patients to the point of avoiding care all together. Our team strives and sets out to change this outlook. We go out of our way to help you relax and have several sedation alternatives to try and help out. Oral Sedation is a modality in which oral sedatives, most commonly benzodiazepines are used to help relax and consciously sedate our patients for increased comfort.
When this option is exercised it will require someone to accompany you to our office as you are unfit to drive while on sedatives whatever the concentration. Provides mild sedation and can be used in conjunction with Nitrous oxide to help relax you even more. Some amount of monitoring is required and some questions will be asked about your health history when exploring this option for dental treatment.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is an air mixture administered through a nose piece that will help relax you while dental treatment is being performed. This can be done solo or in combination with oral sedatives for a more relaxed experience. If administered properly there are very little contraindications to using Nitrous oxide and once on oxygen for 5-10 minutes after treatment the affects of the gas completely subside.

Headphones and mp3 players

We offer the use of the Bose sound reducing headphones, which can help drown out the sounds of doing dentistry, which some people find very unpleasant. When combined with the listening of your favorite playlist from your phone or mp3 player the experience will surprise you of how relaxed you can become while receiving quality dental care.

Isolite system

The Isolite system is designed to help those out with longer procedures or joint issues. It allows the teeth to rest on a soft plastic mouth piece while illuminating and removing saliva all in one appliance. Ask about it when you visit and the staff will be happy to explain the uses for your next dental visit.

Mouth props and rubber dams or raincoats

A mouth prop is commonly used to help you relax the jaw muscles while dental care is being provided. It is an aide in helping the mouth stay open due to our muscles being designed to close down and not necessarily stay open for extended periods of time. A rubber dam can be used in conjunction with a mouth prop for those instances where we need extra isolation due to specific procedures being performed.

Picasso Laser

By using the Picasso diode soft tissue laser, select dental procedures have now become easier with quicker healing times and less post operative pain associated with the procedures. Less anesthetic is needed as a result of this technology.

Every aspect of our practice has been looked at to provide ideal dental care in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. We understand that going to the dentist has not always been that enjoyable and we have set out to change your mind. Please, stop by for a tour or ask about any one of these important aspects to make your next visit with us a comfortable one.



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